Photo Credits: James- August 2003


Photo Credits: Courtney and Tim-January 2004 




Photo Taken by Laura, right in front of ScubaWest. Dolphins are a 

common sighting along the shores of Frederiksted.

Photo Credits: Daniel G. Jan.2004:




Photo Credit: David. King's Reef and Swirling reef of death.


Photo Credit: Laura February 29, 2004. A rare and exciting spotting 

of Sperm Whales at Ham's Bluff. "After our two tank morning boat

dive we encountered a pod of six Sperm Whales, We got in and 

Snorkeled with the giant creatures". This is the first recorded 

sighting of Sperm Whales in our area in eight yrs. And the first 

time underwater photographs have been taken; (recorded, in the 

U.S. Virgin Islands). 







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